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Biographies of Visiting Speakers

All speakers are members of IGAP unless introduced below:


Jules Cashford has a background in Philosophy and Literature, and trained with AJA. Her books include The Myth of the Goddess, Penguin, 1993, written with Anne Baring; a translation of The Homeric Hymns, Penguin Classics, 2003; The Moon: Symbol of Transformation, Cassell Illustrated, 2003, and a revised edition in colour, Greystones Press, 2016; The Mysteries of Osiris, Atalanta, 2010 and Kingfisher Press, 2016. She has made two films on the Early Renaissance Painter, Jan van Eyck.


Angela Cotter is a Jungian analyst (GAP) with a background in nursing. Since her doctorate in 1990, on the wounded healer in nursing, she has been involved in research. This spans leading on a Department of Health funded action research multi-sector project about older peoples’ experience of the transition from acute care to the community to collaborative research about the use of creative arts to enhance communication between professionals and people with dementia. She is currently Head of Research at the Minster Centre and a Visiting Lecturer at Regent’s University.


Jane Clark is a Senior Research Fellow of the Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabī Society, and has been studying, researching and lecturing on the ideas of Attar, this important Islamic thinker, for more than thirty years. She also has a general interest in the mystical traditions of Islam and other religions, and in dialogue between them. With her colleague Stephen Hirtenstein, she conducted a series of courses in Mystical Islamic Poetry for the Oxford Department of Continuous Education (2010-2016), and this year will be teaching the Islamic Mysticism module for the Temenos Academy’s diploma course.

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